The Idea

The Details

A natural beekeeper must understand how the bees behave naturally. Personal observations are a must. There are just too many variables to get all the wisdom a natural beekeeper needs from a book.

Although books and the science of beekeeping has a place, many conventional beekeeping assumptions and observations are based on bees kept and managed far outside the bee’s natural preferences.  It’s often assumed those effects are negligible. But my experience indicates that just the opposite is true.

Observing bees is one of the highest and most noble professions. Throughout history many of the best and brightest thinkers and innovators were keen observers of bee behavior. It will take the mind in a thousand directions. And besides providing a sound basis for natural beekeeping, it often provides a pathway into the marvelous web of nature’s wonder and delight.

So, just go for it. You have all you need right now. The curiosity. The mind. The senses. The need.



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