Eastern Hemisphere Rocks

Langban Sweden

Langban rocks have some of the brightest fluorescence found. That brightness is often in sharp contrast to a very dark to black background. These hand sized specimens are bright and impressive with:

  • calcite – bright red
  • svabite – bright yellow
  • dolomite – very bright pink red
  • willemite – green
  • berzillite – blue

fluorescing under short wave ultraviolet.

To learn more about collecting at Langban, check out Mark Cole’s adventure.

Rogerly Mine England

The Rogerly Mine is know for its large, zoned, translucent fluorite specimens. They are beautiful in daylight. And glow a bright blue under both long and short wave ultraviolet light.

This double hand sized specimen is one of my favorites.

Shigar Valley Pakistan

Apatite crystals fluoresce yellow against a dark background of quartz and schorl tourmaline crystals. This fist size specimen is attractive in both natural and short wave ultraviolet light.

La Grasta Mine, Italy

This aragonite specimen is a classic from a very historic locale. The fluorescent colors are bright and change subtly across this specimen producing the illusion of translucency and zoning not apparent in natural light.

Under different UV wavelengths, the fluorescent colors change dramatically, yet still maintain those subtle illusions.

In darkness, masquerading as a dimly lit precious gem, this specimens glows a bright aqua-green.

An unusual and very beautiful stone.


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