Manage Top Bar Hives


The Idea

Check out the management pages. They’re organized around the seasons, as a colony’s life cycle is intimately connected with the season. It’s not complicated. And natural beekeeping takes only a small amount of time. See for yourself:

The Details

If beekeeping is a new experience, keeping top bar hive bees will teach you the best skill set possible.You will learn how to:

  • move appropriately
  • handle comb carefully
  • regard and respect bee life

And you will learn those skills in the best beekeeping environment possible. There will be:

  • fewer agitated, flying bees
  • less smoke
  • less heavy lifting
  • fewer inspections

Top bar hive comb is fragile compared to a frame based comb. If you have worked bees on frame based equipment, some comb handling habits must be discarded.

And top bar hives can’t be worked when it’s too hot. When it’s too hot, it’s better for the bees if the beekeeper just stays out.

Time? If you’re used to commercial beekeeping’s frenetic pace , working a top bar hive will seem like you’re stuck in molasses.

So, frame based beekeepers often find them frustrating. But:

  • give it a little time
  • pick up a few basic comb handling skills
  • and then relax

Top bar hive beekeeping can be an enjoyable way to keep bees. At least that’s been my experience.


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